Growing Family

growing familyI keep great memories of most of the weddings that I D.J.
Some wedding receptions stand out in my mind for many different reasons.
A good example of a memorable wedding reception is that of Katie and John.
It was a fun and very cool wedding on a very rainy day.
Lauren Rutten of, with whom I've worked together at so many weddings, captured some great moments of that day.
I was very happy to recently learn that Katie and John had their first baby, Henry W!
I wish Katie, John and Henry W. all the happiness in the world.... They deserve it.


Recent events

This wedding season was really special.

We started on April's Fools with the much anticipated wedding of Nancy and Phil.
As expected... it was a blast ! What a fantastic group of people, all under one roof!
They danced non-stop. Anything from the 50's to today's "Sexy and I know it".
Some of the best pro and amateur dancers in the area were invited, so you can imagine what a fun event this one was. I will be posting some pictures as soon as available.
More weddings reviews coming up.


Fashion events

As every year for the last five or six, we've been asked to play at some of the most trendy stores for their most exclusive brands in fashion design: Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale's, Tous, and many others.
It is always a pleasure to program and mix a cool music selection for these events.
After the summer recess, we anticipate a long list of fashion events with the best selection of music
to accompany the very latest styles of the upcoming seasons.


Corporate event

nhm giancarlomusic

On March 8, 2012, DJ Brenda and I were the DJs for a cocktail party for an important Real Estate firm, with 750 guests, held at the American Museum of National History in Manhattan.

Dinner was held in the amazing Hall of Ocean Life , while the Cocktail Party was right underneath the Planetarium in the Hall of the Universe.
Needless to say, it was an unforgettable experience.
Guests enjoyed our music mix which included both classic and contemporary chill and lounge tracks, followed by upbeat Deep House and House tunes.
A perfect event for giancarlomusic DJ services.


Summer 2012 at Solari’s

By popular demand, we will be back to Friday Nights at Solari's in Hackensack!

This is our 12th season at this great place that I call home.

We are preparing some fun events for upcoming weeks. Many details I cannot reveal yet... but be ready for some good times...

Call Marco Solari for more info at 201.487.1969

Solari's Lounge and Restaurant
61 River St.,
Hackensack, NJ 07601



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Welcome to giancarlomusic

We are back on the web!!
Happy Summer of 2012 everyone...
I'm really excited about the new website. It was a lot of work, but, as always, done with passion...
I want to thank Jorge, Tamara and the rest of the team at Syrah Comunicacion Visual for their great job and dedication, but mostly, for their patience.... Thank you!

We are preparing for some great events coming up: sophisticated theme parties at local Lounges, fashion events, and some cool private parties.
It's a new website, a new look, a new season. So take a look, browse around, and come back for more updates.

Thank you for visiting giancarlomusic.

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